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Mark Schauer's Pre-Primary Fundraising

I fell a little bit behind on this... I figured I should get it up before the primary (tomorrow).

Rather than file a second quarter report with the FEC only to file again a week and a half later, both Congressman Walberg and state Senator Schauer chose to combine their reports. The following covers Mark Schauer's fundraising in the period from April 01, 2008 to July 16, 2008:

Column A
This Period
Column B
11. Contributions (other than loans) From:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other than Political Committees
(i) Itemized227138.54
(ii) Unitemized35705.94
(iii) Total Of Contributions From Individuals262844.48859010.13
(b) Political Party Commitees0.000.00
(c) Other Political Committees (such as PACS)161760.00449635.00
(d) The Candidate0.000.00
(e) Total Contributions (11(a)(iii) + (b) + (c))424604.481308645.13
12. Transfers From Other Authorized Committees0.0014918.90
13. Loans
(a) Made Or Guaranteed By The Candidate0.000.00
(b) All Other Loans0.000.00
(c) Total Loans ((a) + (b))0.000.00
14. Offsets to Operating Expenditures (Refunds, Rebates, etc) 0.000.00
15. Other Receipts3109.687993.19
16. Total Receipts (11(e) + 12 + 13(c) + 14 + 15) 427714.161331557.22
17. Operating Expenditures235286.71377755.66
18. Transfers to Other Authorized Committees10000.0020000.00
19. Loan Repayments:
(a) Of Loans Made or Guaranteed by the Candidate0.000.00
(b) Of All Other Loans0.000.00
(c) Total Loan Repayments ((a) + (b)) 0.000.00
20. Refunds of Contributions To:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other Than Political Committees4100.004300.00
(b) Political Party Committees0.000.00
(c) Other Political Committees (such as PACs) 1000.001000.00
(d) Total Contribution Refunds (28(a) + (b) + (c)) 5100.005300.00
21. Other Disbursements0.00700.00
22. Total Disbursements (17 + 18 + 19(c) + 20(d) + 21) 250386.71403755.66
23. Cash On Hand At Beginning Of Reporting Period751359.00
24. Total Receipts This Period (line 16) 427714.161331557.22
25. Subtotal (23 + 24) 1179073.16
26. Total Disbursements This Period (line 22) 250386.71403755.66
27. Cash On Hand At Close Of The Reporting Period (25 - 26) 928686.45

Senator Schauer raised $424,604.48 in the three-and-a-half months covered here. Of that, $262,844.48 came from individuals and $161,760.00 came from PACs.

Schauer has raised a total of $1,331,557.22 for this election cycle. After spending $403,755.66, he has $928,686.45 cash-on-hand.

In addition to all of that, he raised another $20,000 in large contributions since the deadline.

Itemized donors ($200+) can be found here. Disbursements can be found here.

There's no other way to say it, Mark Schauer has a lot of money to play with. And against a primary opponent with $3.00 in the bank (that's the next post), it seems fairly likely that we'll see a Schauer-Walberg race in November.

As of July 09, 2008, I have been working with the Schauer for Congress campaign in Lenawee County. My thoughts and writings are my own opinions, and I do not speak for Senator Schauer or anyone else in his organization.

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Nary a comment on this blog about Schauer lying about his contributions from oil companies:

Listen to the audio. He flat out lied. I am sure all politicians do this, but this is definitely worth pointing out.

Hi silence dogood,

It's true, I haven't written anything about that yet. I've been pretty busy over the last couple of days getting ready for the primary, so I haven't had a chance to follow that particular story.

However, if you're interested, Nick Schirripa with the Battle Creek Enquirer says:

There's a lot of nuance here, so it's easy to get lost in the rhetoric. As I pointed out in my story, Schauer hasn't taken any contributions from oil companies in his congressional race. However, he has accepted contributions during previous state House and Senate races. Walberg, on the other hand, has accepted contributions from big oil companies, and he hasn't tried to deny it.

I'll have more to say when I've actually done some reading and can speak intelligently.

But thanks for stopping by, and I hope you'll come by more often!

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