Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Republicans For Schauer

It never hurts to be bipartisan, and it definitely never hurts for the other guy's base to be divided.

Luckily for Mark Schauer, both of these are true.

The Schauer for Congress campaign just sent out a press release announcing the "Republicans for Schauer"-- prominent Republicans from around the district and in the state government who have come out either in recent weeks or today and endorsed Senator Schauer over Tim Walberg.
BATTLE CREEK—Today several prominent Republicans announced their support for state Senator Mark Schauer (D-Battle Creek) over incumbent Congressman Tim Walberg, citing Schauer's ability to work across the aisle to get things done.

"Mark Schauer puts getting results for people ahead of partisan concerns," said Retired Jackson Circuit Judge Charles Nelson. "We worked together on starting the drug court that has saved our community crucial tax dollars and made the system more efficient. Mark will bring those same values to Congress."

Schauer has a long track record of partnering with Republicans on important issues. He fought side-by-side with former Congressman Joe Schwarz and Senator Carl Levin to save local jobs when the federal government threatened to close the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base. He also worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass an extension of SmartZones that could help provide incentives for economic growth in south central Michigan.

"Losing your home to foreclosure happens to both Republicans and Democrats and that hurts all of us," said Jim Logue, former Michigan State Housing Development Authority director under John Engler. "I know Mark has a deep understanding of the importance of a well-functioning housing finance system, and he has a proven track record of working across party lines for the benefit of Michigan families. We need someone in Washington who will change business as usual, and I am certain Mark will do just that."
Here are the Republicans for Schauer named in the announcement:
  • Joe Schwarz, former Congressman (Battle Creek)
  • Paul DeWeese, former state representative, 2004 GOP candidate for Congress
  • Judith Scranton, former state representative
  • Susan Grimes Width, former state representative
  • David Stimpson, current Lenawee County Commissioner (Tecumseh)
  • Charles Nelson, Retired Jackson Circuit Judge
  • Jim Logue, Governor John Engler's Housing Development Authority Director
Besides Joe Schwarz, Stimpson strikes me as the biggest name there for purposes of the campaign, as a current officeholder, unopposed in November, and with connections in Lenawee County.

This, of course, brings the obvious question: Are you a Republican? Are you rejecting Tim Walberg's closed-mindedness and supporting Mark Schauer?

If you have Republican friends who aren't crazy about Tim Walberg, you might want to let them know that Joe Schwarz, David Stimpson, and the Republicans that worked with Mark Schauer every day in state government have decided to support Schauer.

All of these people have met and know Tim Walberg. They still picked Schauer.

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David Stimpson endorsed Schauer? Ha! I worked on Schwarz's campaign and the last Saturday before election day in 2004, we worked jointly with Stimpson's campaign in Tecumseh. Kudos to Dave.

I still wish Joe would run in 2010.
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