Monday, October 30, 2006

Ann Arbor News Offers No Endorsement

The Ann Arbor News is hardly a far-right newspaper, but it has its conservative leanings, from time to time. In 2004, for example, it endorsed George W. Bush over John Kerry, despite John Kerry winning Washtenaw County 63-35.

So one would expect the paper to follow the conventional wisdom and pick Tim Walberg (R) for the open 7th District seat, right? After all, he's just going to win anyway, right?

Well, maybe not. The Detroit News chose the Libertarian candidate, and now the Ann Arbor News chooses to endorse no one. That's right-- they couldn't bring themselves to endorse Tim Walberg.
Walberg's entrenched conservative stances on virtually every issue, from abortion to Iraq, offer no room for compromise - and that ideological rigidity should have no place in Congress. His unwillingness to engage in the necessary give and take of governance makes him an untenable choice.
To be perfectly fair, they didn't have kind words for Sharon Renier either.

Renier, an organic farmer from Munith, doesn't offer a palatable alternative. In meeting with The News' editorial board earlier this year, she touted job growth accomplishments on her part that bordered on absurdity and didn't seem to understand the basics of how government works.

Neither candidate deserves a ticket to Congress, and we are not endorsing in this race.

That said, while it might not be a victory for Renier, it certainly is a defeat for Tim Walberg. He's been running since the primary as if winning the general election is inevitable, and now more and more people around the district are realizing that there's another option.

The new question: Will any newspapers endorse Tim Walberg?

Now, tonight's Walberg Voting Record highlights:

I'll be honest, I'm tired tonight, so I'm going to take the easy way out. The following were three votes on the same issue:
SB 573-574
Change zoning laws creating PDRs allowing communities to purchase development rights thereby saving agricultural lands and controlling sprawl

Outcome: Passed 95-4

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 1060

Outcome: Passed 98-4

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 1061

Outcome: Passed 95-4

Tim Walberg: NO
Roll Call 1062

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Jesus Christ who hasnt this guy pissed off??? Just got off the phone kwith Sharon about two hours ago and she told me that the canvassing is going great!!! She also stated that Walberg now has a tv ad tarnishing her good name but that it was ok since it will back fire on...I told her that I refuse to watch tv now until the election which I do intend to hold up. FUCK THIS BASTARD!!!!!!! Sorry I am not a violent person but God Damn does this guy know no boundaries. Oh by the way I was digging up shit on the net and found out that Pat Toomey the founder for Club for Growth had stated that seniors are the "new welfare and ghetto trash" can anyone confirm this. I told my grandparents and they were pissed off naturally since they both collect SS. I had to ask them if he beleives in this what does Walberg think of the seniors of CD-07? Last and not leastly when on the phone with Sharon she told me that Tim will no longer debate her because she takes cheap shots!!! Now isnt that the pot calling the kettle black!!!!???? I had to laugh at that one. So dont forget to vote on 11/07/06, and if you all want to meet me in person I will be down at the Sharon Renier HQ on that night helping out in anyway I can!!!! See ya'll there!

Walberg is a crook, a liar, a cheat and a phony. He is morally corrupt and abuses the cloth in pursuit of personal gain. Sick, sick, sick. Kudos to all who have realized it and a sincere pat on the back to all who are working to defeat him. He should not represent a wet hairball as it stuggles to free itself from a paper sack (am I mixing metaphors??? or making them up???), much less a 700,000 strong Congressional district. On top of all that, he is a ROYAL PRICK. His smug little smirk should be slapped back to CHICAGO, where it came from and probably where his politics were honed. He does not represent this congressional district, this state or me. I am still not convinced Sharon Renier represents me any better, so someone needs to talk me off the ledge of writing in Joe Schwarz, but the moron from Tipton does not have my vote.

Battle Creek ENQUIRER endorses Renier!

Lead says it all:

In the 7th Congressional District, we wish we could be writing an enthusiastic endorsement for a moderate politician with a keen intellect and a thorough grasp of national and international issues. But U.S. Rep. Joe Schwarz was defeated in the August Republican primary, leaving district voters with a choice on the far left or the far right of the political spectrum.
"I am still not convinced Sharon Renier represents me any better, so someone needs to talk me off the ledge of writing in Joe Schwarz, but the moron from Tipton does not have my vote."

I'd love to see Schwarz win as a write in, but it's not going to happen and will be simply a waste of a vote.

Instead, vote for Renier as a viable anti-Walberg vote.

One thing is certain, Joe Schwarz will work with and help Sharon as much as he can. For Walberg, he'll do nothing. Schwarz has been quoted as saying, the only thing he will give Walberg is "all the rope he want's!"

Consider a vote for Renier as a substitute vote for Schwarz.

I wish Schwarz would have waged a write-in campaign starting on August 9th, but he didn't, so a write in is pretty much a wasted vote. Sharon is at least reasonable and will listen. Can't agree with all her politics, but she is at least honest, which I cannot say for Walberg!

Vote your conscience!
Its pretty pathetic that Tim Walberg is not getting any endorsments from any of the news papers. You know she does have a shot in this. I was told today by someone of great character that everytime that you dont vote someone else votes for you twice. One vote for their beleifs and another vote for what your beleifs should be. Basically they will have a say and you wont. I voted for Joe Schwarz in 2004, however, I voted for John Kerry. Am I a diehard liberal???? Well no...but this last primary bounced me off the independent ticket this time around, so I will be voting straight ticket. A democratic straight ticket. I have come to know Sharon in the last month and I can tell you that she is no liberal....I get the impression she is more conservaive then Joe Schwarz though.
Also, if you guys have a high speed interent account check out You and view Walbergs ad out there. It's negative about him, about protecting a child abuser. .....GREAT STUFF!!!!
I agree whole heartdely with the last comment on this board that Joe will work with Sharon and Sharon will work for the people of cd-07. Tim will serve the people who lined his piggy bank and that is as simple as that. Ask yourself...if somone gave me millions in endorsments would I give a rats ass about someone that didnt??? Well I am an honest person and I can even say I wouldnt do that, I want them to keep giving the millions and that is why you should vote for Renier. No democratic/republican or write in but your voting for someone;
1.) from michigan..born and raised.
2.) no to out of state influence
3.) someone that actually knows how to work.
4.) someone that will tell you the truth, even if you dont always like it.

The truth hurts people it always has it always will!!! Lies give us comfort..but only for a little bit.


and I do approve this message.
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