Tuesday, July 10, 2007

David Nacht's Second Quarter Fundraising

The "More Fundraising" post was getting ridiculously long with my updates on Nacht's and Berryman's filings, so I've broken the updates off into separate posts.

Here's the detailed summary page for David Nacht:
11. Contributions (other than loans) From:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other than Political Committees
(i) Itemized160642.04
(ii) Unitemized0.00
(iii) Total Of Contributions From Individuals160642.04160642.040.00
(b) Political Party Commitees0.000.000.00
(c) Other Political Committees (such as PACS)
(d) The Candidate0.000.000.00
(e) Total Contributions (11(a)(iii) + (b) + (c))160642.04160642.040.00
12. Transfers From Other Authorized Committees0.000.000.00
13. Loans
(a) Made Or Guaranteed By The Candidate0.000.000.00
(b) All Other Loans0.000.000.00
(c) Total Loans ((a) + (b))
14. Offsets to Operating Expenditures (Refunds, Rebates, etc)
15. Other Receipts0.000.000.00
16. Total Receipts (11(e) + 12 + 13(c) + 14 + 15) 160642.04160642.040.00
17. Operating Expenditures31276.0531290.450.00
18. Transfers to Other Authorized Committees0.000.000.00
19. Loan Repayments:
(a) Of Loans Made or Guaranteed by the Candidate0.000.000.00
(b) Of All Other Loans0.000.000.00
(c) Total Loan Repayments ((a) + (b))
20. Refunds of Contributions To:
(a) Individuals/Persons Other Than Political Committees0.000.000.00
(b) Political Party Committees0.000.000.00
(c) Other Political Committees (such as PACs)
(d) Total Contribution Refunds (28(a) + (b) + (c))
21. Other Disbursements0.000.000.00
22. Total Disbursements (17 + 18 + 19(c) + 20(d) + 21) 31276.0531290.450.00
23. Cash On Hand At Beginning Of Reporting Period0.00
24. Total Receipts This Period (line 16) 160642.04160642.040.00
25. Subtotal (23 + 24) 160642.04
26. Total Disbursements This Period (line 22) 31276.0531290.450.00
27. Cash On Hand At Close Of The Reporting Period (25 - 26) 129365.99

The full filing is available in PDF format here, but it's 144 pages long, so it'll take me a day or two to digest it. But one quick observation from the summary page: Nacht received all $160,642 from individual contributions, meaning there was no PAC money and no loans made by the candidate himself. In contrast, Tim Walberg's first quarter was one-third individuals (~$45,000) and two-thirds PACs and other committees (~$90,000).

For a list of Nacht's individual contributors, click here.

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At first glance, it looks like a lot of out of state (out of district) contributions.
By my initial count, it looks like about 61 percent of contributions came from in-state sources, 39 percent out-of-state. In terms of actual dollars, I'm not sure... that'll take more time and a calculator.

Of course, my numbers might be off. Sifting through 344 contributions is mind-numbing work.
When I cruch Nacht's numbers, I come up with the following:
46.7% is from Michigan
21.4% is from California
16.2% is from New York
9.3% is from Massachusetts

33.0% of his contributions are from attorneys, lawyers, or employees of law firms.

13.1% of his contributions are university professors or administrators.

Only 16.3% of what I saw was within our Congressional district. I'm not super good on Ann Arbor addresses, so my number may be high, but it definitly is not too low.
let me say that 160K is impressive. I'm working on the Ann Arbor addresses, most look like outside of the 7th. I only see one person in the district outside of Washtenaw and that is his campaign manager who has given $15.00.

The best news is $210,000 for Dems.
Actually, there were 5 contributions from Chelsea, 3 from Dexter, one from Manchester and 3 from Saline.

Coupled with the one from Charlotte, that give Nacht 13 supporters in the district besides Ann Arbor and only 1 outside Washtenaw county.
I'll be very forthright here. David Nacht is the best candidate to face Walberg and he's clearly showing it with not only his fundraising but his traversing of the district. Nacht has been making the rounds in Eaton, Jackson, Hillsdale, Calhoun, etc. throughout the summer as if the election was being held tomorrow. He's giving the hard work that is required and his contributions are and will show that. Honestly, he's the right person for the job and it would be wise for the Democrats in the district to see that and get on board with his campaign.

The former nominee from the last two elections, Sharon Renier, has proven to be a poor choice and continues to be so. She refuses to raise money - likely can't - isn't politically savvy though she can be personable, and her numbers prove an inevitable loss. Sharon Renier has yet to carry her home county let alone her home township or worse still her home precinct. She needs to use her current name recognition and run for a lesser office - countywide or township - to start and can chase this seat eventually.

On the other hand, David Nacht has raised his profile. Well known in the Ann Arbor area he is being introduced now to the other areas.
He needs more introductions - help him out.
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