Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Fundraising - UPDATE III

From the Battle Creek Enquirer:
According to Matt Lahr, Walberg's spokesman, the freshman congressman will
be releasing his second-quarter fundraising information before the Federal
Election Commission deadline Sunday. Walberg raised about $135,000 in the first

Other Democrats challenging Walberg in 2008 are former state Sen. Jim
Berryman of Adrian and Munith farmer Sharon Renier.

Berryman said he began fundraising about five weeks ago and has collected
about $55,000.

Renier did not return phone calls Monday from the Enquirer

(Emphasis added.)

Although Berryman's $55,000 is less than my expectations post called for, it's still impressive after a decade of low-budget campaigns. (Interesting fact: the last time a Democratic candidate raised more than about $60,000 for a campaign in the 7th District was 1998-- 10 years ago-- when Jim Berryman challenged Congressman Nick Smith.) Also, if Berryman has only been fundraising for five weeks-- very roughly one-third of the time since March 26, when David Nacht announced-- then he's in good shape to match Nacht in the next quarter.

That said, David Nacht definitely has the money advantage at this point. He's got $130,000 cash-on-hand, which is a nice little sum to be sitting on-- and building-- as we move closer to 2008.

The key for both Berryman and Nacht is to spend their money very wisely and frugally. This point in the election cycle is about making all the right contacts with Democrats in the district and raising money for use later. They really shouldn't be spending any large sums of money until this time next year.

And for the fans of Sharon Renier, there's still plenty of time for her to mount a strong campaign.

Of course, none of this will matter in a year, and July of 2008 will be a completely different setting. The real lesson to be learned right now is this: Michigan's 7th District will have at least two strong, credible Democratic candidates that can raise plenty of money.

DCCC, are you excited yet?

UPDATE III: Updates I and II have been removed and are now separate posts, here and here. This was getting long, so I thought I'd make it easier on all of you.

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If Berryman has only been raising money for 30 days, why is his first contribution dated 5/3/07? Also, his committee was filed 5/29/07. Doesn't that cause a problem for him?
Where are you getting details about Berryman's fundraising? Are they online, and can you give us a pointer? Do you have similar details about Nacht? Enquiring minds want to know!
OK, thanks for the details! Using the Nacht link and clicking on "TRY A: NEW SEARCH" I think I found the current Berryman campaign filings here: http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00434720
But as of today there's no quarterly finance filing.
Why is our Congressman's government employee making comments on his campaign?

Shouldn't Mr. Lahr be concerned with getting out "Tim's message" and not the campaign's finances?

Who is paying his salary and which clock was he on when being interviewed? There are very specific rules about mixing federal service and volunteering on a campaign.

Which brings up another sticky situation with a Walberg staffer. That radio host had him on again. That is like the 4th or 5th time he has been on the air in Battle Creek, spouting off. Walberg did not even have to talk much as the host pretty much regurgitated all of the official talking points.

If anyone in Battle Creek is supporting David Nacht, they might want to take a moment and drop him a line to fill him in on what his "law office" is subsidizing on the airways.
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