Sunday, June 08, 2008

Early Morning Greatest Hits

I feel like I owe everyone an apology... I've been neglecting this blog for the last several months, and especially the last few weeks. I promise, that will change soon.

For the moment, however, I thought I'd share something with you all. For a super-secret project I'm working on (hint: it involves a big expansion of Walberg Watch and a complete redesign), I ended up doing a full recap of the year 2007, as it related to Congressman Tim Walberg. Here's what I came up with:
  • Walberg votes NO on tough new ethics rules and rules pushing for fiscal responsibility in the House of Representatives
  • Walberg votes NO on implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission
  • Walberg votes NO on increasing the federal minimum wage for the first time in over a decade.
  • Walberg votes NO on allowing federal funding of stem cell research
  • Walberg votes NO on allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices (like plenty of private providers)
  • Walberg votes NO on cutting subsidies to oil companies posting record profits
  • Walberb votes NO on a resolution condemning the president's strategy in Iraq
  • Walberg votes NO on protecting whistleblowers who expose corruption in government
  • Walberg votes NO on a bill meant to stop corruption in government contracts
  • Walberg says that Iraq is as safe as Detroit... and is mocked by Stephen Colbert. He makes everyone angry
  • Walberg votes NO on funding for relief for the Gulf Coast
  • Walberg votes NO on a funding bill for the war in Iraq that includes a deadline to remove combat troops
  • Walberg votes NO on improving rail and public transportation security
  • Walberg punishes a journalist for reporting the truth
  • Walberg votes NO on World Water Day
  • Walberg votes NO on honoring Rachel Carson by naming a post office after her
  • Walberg votes NO on giving shareholders greater power
  • Walberg votes NO on giving voting rights to residents of the District of Columbia
  • Walberg claims that Democrats are trying to pass a massive tax increase, but it's all a lie
  • Walberg takes credit for something Joe Schwarz did, and makes everyone angry
  • Walberg votes NO on holding OPEC accountable
  • Walberg votes NO on stopping gas price gouging
  • Walberg announces that he wants to drill for oil in... the Great Lakes? He makes everyone angry
  • Walberg opposes the Fairness Doctrine
  • Walberg votes NO on reducing college costs
  • Walberg votes NO on responsible redeployment from Iraq
  • Walberg tries to answer a constituent... and fails miserably
  • Walberg shows that he doesn't understand the meaning of the words "compromise" and "pilot program"
  • Walberg takes credit for something he voted against, and makes everyone angry
  • Walberg votes NO on a Caribbean educational exchange program
  • Walberg changes positions on the 9/11 Commission recommendations, but offers no explanation
  • Walberg votes NO on funds for Planned Parenthood, claiming to be against abortion, even though none of the money was going toward funding abortion
  • Walberg votes NO on housing assistance for Native Americans
  • Walberg refuses to recognize Ramadan, explaining that it's just because he's a bigot
  • Walberg votes NO on reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program so many times I'm not even going to bother linking to it
  • Walberg votes NO on funding for infrastructure improvements (this, after a bridge collapse in Minneapolis)
  • Walberg votes NO on authorizing funds for the FAA (the people who keep planes from crashing)
  • Walberg votes NO on helping popcorn workers with cancer
  • Walberg votes NO on offering affordable housing
  • Walberg votes NO on improving tax collection
  • Walberg votes NO on investing in small business
  • Walberg says that the citizens of Maine should rise up in rebellion because birth control was made available in schools
  • Walberg says that even if 1 out of every 7 loans were fraudulent, he doesn't think anything is wrong
  • Walberg votes NO on studying ways we can preserve historical and natural sites

... And that was just 2007.

Starting soon, I'll be focusing my attention on 2008. I've got some exciting changes planned.

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OMG. I'm speechless and dumbfounded. To have everything Walberg has done (or not done) summarized so clearly and succinctly brings me to the point of disbelief. I mean, I knew the man was an uneducated, unthinking moron - but THIS BAD? I don't think there is one wrong thing to say, vote or do that he has not done. Thank you so much for all your work, because I could never have done anything approaching it and not have gone berserk with rage and despair. I'm going to be sick as soon as the numbness wears off. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help rid us the slimy, smug, self-satisfied little creep.


Demas on target...again!
For the curious lot regarding the challenge on Shauer's petitions:

Sharon's camp was trying to get Shauers's petitions thrown out because they claimed his petitions were being circulated fraudulently.

My question is this: Is the Renier camp on Timmy's payroll? Why knock off a fellow Democrat in this manner? It smacks of desperation tactics and something Walberg's folks might do.
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